The Seasons

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This is a series of weather and season related photographs I’ve taken whilst wandering around the countryside. More detail can be found below…


Outer Hope

Spring (March) – The smaller beach (Mouthwell Sands) at Hope Cove, Devon, England

A glorious day at Mouthwell Sands (also known as Outer Hope) on a lovely sunny, but cold march day. Spring is upon us, the sea is calm and the sky is blue.


Hope cove on the south coast of Devon, England, UK.

Sun & the Sea

May – Spring is almost over. Beautiful weather, but a cold northerly wind blows across the beach.


Bretignolles-sur-Mer, Vendee, South west France.

Spring Maize

Spring Maize

One month old maize sown under plastic. Is it a bad environmental process?

Is it Biodegradable?

  • If it’s actual plastic it only degrades to smaller bits of plastic (not biodegradable!). Over several years, the minute particles eventually get washed into rivers, which then transports the particles into the sea.
  • If it’s plastic made from from plants (often maize) the conditions have to be right for it to degrade properly (composting). To compost this material, you need to have the right conditions. A high temperature, sunlight and the correct process (often industrial). Otherwise the composting can take a very, very long time 1, 2.

Fields near the village of Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, England, UK.



Summer (June) – Across the green fields towards Kit Hill in Cornwall England. One of the five Marilyn hills

Across the fields to Kit Hill in early summer – One of the 5 Marilyn hills situated within Cornwall.


Looking across the fields near the village of Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, England, UK.

Evening Sun, Light Cloud

Autumn (October) – The Evening Sun and Light Cloud, Looking Towards Bodmin Moor

Looking towards Bodmin Moor.

October… is the summer is over?


The image was taken at the road junction that takes you towards Prince Charles Duchy College, facing towards the cross roads, (the Callington to Launceston road – A388 that crosses the minor lane, Stoke Road), near the village of Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, England, UK.

Cloud, Evening Sun, Wind and Rain

Autumn (October) – The Evening Sun, Clouds, Wind and Rain Over Stoke Climsland Church

A wet bright autumn day looking towards the parish church in the village of Stoke Climsland. I was walking down Pound Lane towards the parish church, there was a lovely reflection of the sun, from the fresh rain on the road and building roofs. The sun shining above the church kind of has an effect, even for the non religious amongst us…


Walking down Pound Lane towards the village of Stoke Climsland and the Parish Church, Cornwall, England, UK.

The Second Half of Autumn…

Autumn (November) – Hiding Behind a Hedge to try and Shelter from the Windblown Rain

Looking back,

whilst walking along Pound Lane.

A wet blustery day, with heavy showers.

Hiding behind a hedge, to try and shelter from the windblown rain.

The First Half…

Abundance, change, conclusion, depletion, precipitation, closure.

The Second Half…

Wet, windy, wild, white, cold, dark, blue, grey, bare, still.


At the top of Pound Lane just outside the village of Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, England, UK.

First Day of Winter

Winter (December) – The First Day of Winter in Stoke Climsland, Cornwall

The first day of winter, three pm in the afternoon on the village green. Twenty one days and twenty one nights to the winter solstice. Short days, longer nights will come to an end soon… (for another year).


Stoke Climsland Village Green, Cornwall, England UK.

Throw Another Yule Log on the Fire

Winter (Christmas Day) – Throw Another Yule Log on the Fire

A bright, but cold misty Christmas morning and a cosy fire is lit to start the day.


Stoke Climsland Church, Cornwall, England UK.

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