Original vs Processed Images?

Those Trees (Cookworthy knapp) - Original Vs Processed (Featured Image)
Do I like processed images? I would like to say I hate them, but there is a time and place to use processing, and before you know it, you’re using […]

Self Portrait

Random Circles (Featured Image)
Who likes having their picture taken? Images: Random Circles:Reflective: Random Circles Consistently going round in random circles in the rich silt of life. Location: Along a battered lane near Stoke […]

Moving Car

Callington - Like You've Never Seen Before (Featured Image)
On a long car journey? Digital camera’s are great. You can snap away to your heart’s content and just delete what you don’t need… Images: Winter’s Day:Callington!Mini:Those Trees (Cookworthy knapp): […]


Texture - Sawn Timber Discarded, Return Back to Wild (Featured Image)
Texture is everywhere… You can feel it! Images: Honeysuckle:Vertical Pebbles (with a little help): Honeysuckle The trees had recently been felled. This inch and a half slice of rough sawn […]

The Seasons

The Seasons and the Weather (Featured Image)
This is a series of weather and season related photographs I’ve taken whilst wandering around the countryside. More detail can be found below… Images: Outer Hope:Sun & the Sea:Spring Maize:Marilyn:Evening […]


The Tree and it's Siblings Amongst the Sheep
Trees, they are everywhere, even the sea (floating logs, boats, mangroves, etc, etc). Some places there are vast forests, other places none. Hang on… petrified forests, oil (made from trees […]