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Various photos, looking at different subjects…

Moving Car

Callington - Like You've Never Seen Before (Featured Image)
On a long car journey? Digital camera’s are great. You can snap away to your heart’s content and just delete what you don’t need… Images: Winter’s Day:Callington!Mini:Those Trees (Cookworthy knapp): […]

Self Portrait

Who likes having their picture taken? Images: Random Circles Consistently going round in random circles in the rich silt of life. Location: Along a battered lane near Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, […]

The Seasons

The Seasons and the Weather (Featured Image)
This is a series of weather and season related photographs I’ve taken whilst wandering around the countryside. More detail can be found below… Images: Outer Hope:Sun & the Sea:Spring Maize:Marilyn:Evening […]


Texture - Sawn Timber Discarded, Return Back to Wild (Featured Image)
Texture is everywhere… You can feel it! Images: Honeysuckle:Vertical Pebbles (with a little help): Honeysuckle The trees had recently been felled. This inch and a half slice of rough sawn […]


The Tree and it's Siblings Amongst the Sheep
The Detail: Trees, they are everywhere, even the sea (floating logs, boats, mangroves, etc, etc). Some places there are vast forests, other places none. Hang on… petrified forests, oil (made […]

Original vs Processed Images?

Those Trees (Cookworthy knapp) - Original Vs Processed (Featured Image)
Do I like processed images? I would like to say I hate them, but there is a time and place to use processing, and before you know it, you’re using […]