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On a long car journey? Digital camera’s are great. You can snap away to your heart’s content and just delete what you don’t need…


Winter’s Day

Winter’s Day From a Moving Car

Winter (February) – Travelling down the road on a crisp, clear bright evening as the sun starts to go down. Near to Glastonbury on the way home to Cornwall.


Near to Glastonbury, Somerset, England, UK.


Callington – Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

August – Callington like you have never seen it before. Callington is a good place to live, but you wouldn’t normally stop to take photos.


Callington, Cornwall, England, UK.



August – Driving up the hill into Stoke Climsland with the roof down.


The Village of Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, England UK.

Those Trees (Cookworthy knapp)…

Those Trees (Cookworthy knapp)

Sat high up on the hill as you speed down the dual carriageway, just over the border into Cornwall. Cookworthy knapp or ‘the nearly home trees’, It’s made up of a clump of 140 beech trees planted circa 1900. This image was taken in the dark as we were driving down the A30. More info on this image can be found under Original vs Processed Images?.


Cookworthy Knapp, near Lifton, Cornwall, England UK.

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